When is it?

Monday, 2/8/16 – Friday, 2/12/16

Don’t worry if you missed it! We’ve archived the Twitter conversation on Storify and the Pinterest board isn’t going anywhere. If you need help, talk to your local data librarians and specialists (see the list below).

What is it?

Love Your Data (LYD) week is a social media event coordinated by research data specialists, mostly working in academic and research libraries. LYD is designed to raise awareness about research data management, sharing, and preservation along with the support and resources available at your college or university. We believe research data are the foundation of the scholarly record and crucial for advancing our knowledge of the world around us. If you care about research data, please join us! This campaign is open to any institution – small, large, research intensive or not, so please feel free to share, adapt, and improve upon it.

Each day will have a theme driving the event. We will share daily tips and tricks for managing research data, stories (both success and horror!), examples, resources, and point you to experts on your campus or in your discipline. All we ask in return is that you share your own experiences and results from the daily activities to keep the conversation lively.

Where is it?

The event will take place mainly online, although some institutions may choose to have in-person events. See the list of participating institutions below for local details.

How can I get involved?

Students, this is for you! Loving your data means investing in it, taking care of it for the future. Over the five day event, we will guide you through five activities to help get your data organized, secure, and ready for write-up, sharing and reuse.

Librarians, data specialists, and researchers, join the conversation on Twitter (#LYD16), share your insights on Instagram or Facebook (#LYD16), and check out the great resources on our Pinterest board.

Not sure how a social media campaign works? Check out some of the logistical details.

Twitter: #LYD16
Instagram: #LYD16
Facebook: #LYD16
Pinterest: Resources to help you LYD & the changing face of data

Institutions & Local Resources

Columbia University: Library Data Services
Cornell University: Library Data Services
Duke University: Research Data Management Guide
Emory University: Library Data Services
Florida State University: Library Data Services
George Mason University: Library Data Services
Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI): Research Data Management guide
London School of Economics: Research Data Management
Montana State University – Research Data Services
New York University  – Health Sciences Library & Bobst Library
Penn State University: Research Data Management Team
Purdue University: Library Data Services
University of Arizona: Library Data Services
University of California – Berkeley & California Digital Library
University of California – San Diego: Library Data Services
University of Cincinnati: Library Data Services
University of Illinois – Chicago: Library Data Services
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign: Library Data Services
University of Iowa: Research Data Services
University of Michigan: Research Data Services
University of Minnesota: Library Data Services
University of Oregon: Research Data Management
University of Tennessee: Library Data Services
University of Washington: Library Data Services
University of Wisconsin – Madison: Library Data Services

Virginia Commonwealth University: Library Data Services
Washington University – St Louis: Library Data Services

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