Similar to open access week, the purpose of the LYD campaign is to raise awareness about topics related to research data management, sharing, reuse and library-based research data services. We will share practical tips, resources, and stories to help students use good data practices.

There are several tools like IFTTT which can automate the connection between multiple social media accounts. It may be useful for larger groups to use these types of tools to set up connections between multiple accounts across the platforms.

If your institution would like to host local events in conjunction with the campaign, please feel free to do so. This is very much a pilot to see if this type of event is useful.

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The main conversation will take place on Twitter. Use the hashtag (#LYD17) in all your tweets so that you are part of the conversation.


Instagram will primarily be used for sharing student products resulting from the daily activities or anything else they want to share.


The LYD Pinterest board is created to share resources and stories, hopefully to spur conversation about tips and local resources.


Some campuses have a strong presence on Facebook, so it may be useful to post links to the Pinterest board and Twitter conversation to Facebook